V.K Micro Irrigation system : A water and energy saving technique
v.k micro irrigation system

V.K Micro Irrigation system : A water and energy saving technique

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Day by day increasing water crisis inside India is becoming a matter of deep concern for the people of entire India. You can gauge the growing deep water crisis inside India from the fact that many states of India have been declared completely dry by the government. In India, 70 percent of the total water is used for agriculture. If we can reduce this consumption of water, then many states can be provided water according to their requirement.

To solve this problem of water, VK Pack Well Pvt Ltd, a pioneer in India’s agriculture sector, after decades of hard work, has created many such products, which not only help in saving water but also water as per the requirement of irrigation. Be able to provide We all understand the importance of irrigation in the field of agriculture. But the time has come to decide the quantum of irrigation. Today we will make you aware of any such products manufactured by VK Packwell that save water. Rather, it is capable of providing water as per the requirement for irrigation.

What is Micro irrigation System

Micro irrigation, also known as drip irrigation is an efficient method to provide water to plants. As the name implies the water is sprayed through tiny or micro droplets. This process helps that plants thrive. It has gained a lot of attention for its efficiency and reliability. A lot of water or too small amounts can be detrimental to plant life. Micro irrigation systems make sure that your plants get the proper quantity of water to develop.

V.K Micro Irrigation Systems

V.K Drip Irrigation System: As we all know, the Drip Irrigation System is also known as Drip Irrigation System. This irrigation system is capable of irrigating the entire field in less water. This irrigation system is a boon for those areas which are facing total drought in the state and city. But you must be thinking that despite having such a good irrigation technology, why the entire farmers of our country do not adopt this technology, then the reason for this is the involved

V.K Micro Irrigation system : A water and energy-saving technique

Although up to 50 percent subsidy is given by the government on all micro-irrigation system, due to the cost being so high, the farmers are unable to bear the cost. To solve this problem, VK Pack well Pvt Ltd, after its hard work, replaced the use of PVC pipe in the mainline and sub main line of Drip Irrigation System to reduce the cost of Drip Irrigation System. The use of HDPE Lapeta pipe has been given importance, this HDPE lapeta pipe is not only cheaper but also able to last longer than PVC pipe. Due to which the overall cost of drip irrigation will be reduced by up to 30 percent

V.K Sprinkler Irrigation System – (V.K Sprinkler irrigation) Sprinkler irrigation system, which we also know as a spray irrigation system, gets water to the plants in the form of a shower. By this method, up to 35% water-saving is possible by irrigating. This irrigation system is considered very useful for crops up to 5 feet. In this irrigation system also we can save up to 35% on the cost of the entire sprinkler by using HDPE main and sub mainline.

VK Rain Irrigation System – (VK Rain Irrigation) This irrigation system is a state-of-the-art irrigation system in India. When this irrigation system is used in the fields, it seems like it is raining. With this irrigation technique, it becomes possible to irrigate the entire area at a time and irrigate the entire field in less time. The merits of this irrigation system can be gauged from this fact. This irrigation system provides moisture to 6 to 7 inches of soil within just 15 minutes; it is capable of saving up to 45 percent of the water with the help of irrigation technology.

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