Grow High Quality Onion with Rain pipe irrigation sytem

Grow High Quality Onion with Rain pipe irrigation sytem

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Proper irrigation is important for onion production. Best irrigation management has an impact on the size and quality of onions, maximum yield along sustained plant growth. Onion is a highly sensitive crop. To grow onion you need to keep many different factors under control like weather, deteriorating quality of soil, lack of water, etc. If this reason is not enough then ever-increasing operational fertilizer and labor cost is the big problem of onion growers in India

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Why choose precision irrigation for onions?

  • Deliver the best quality to your market

Rain pipe irrigation system not only retains moisture in the soil but also prevents excessive root growth and also reduces the risk of bulb bursting.

  • Don’t waste your fertilizers 

Onion plants have shallow, fibrous root systems, so fertilizers applied early in the season are pushed down by rain, eventually making nutrients unavailable to the crop. Rain pipe irrigation system provides continuous nutrition that always reaches the roots and eliminates waste .

  • Less diseases, more yield 

The rain irrigation system not only carries water to the roots of the plants but also maintains the necessary weather moisture for the plants. This not only leads to the complete development of the plants but the plants can also be saved from many disease

  • Efficient phosphorus application 

Onions need soluble phosphorus to grow, but phosphorus is less dynamic within the soil. So using precise fertigation, you can plant closer to the active root, thereby increasing the phosphorus uptake by the plant.

V.K Rain Pipe Price List and Sizes

1 Hectare     73,733 73,733 70,041
1 Acre 27,251 27,251 26,144
2000 Sq m.   13,999 13,999 13,299
1000 Sq m   7,999 7,999 7,599
500 Sq m.   5,499 5,499 5,224
200 Sq m   1,741   1,742 1,653
100 Sq m   1,442 1,442 1,368

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